Heather + George - An Engagement Adventure

I’m just getting back from shooting Heather and George’s wedding, and I haven’t written here in a while, I wish I could update this more because I would love to share more photos of my amazing couples! Anyway I wanted to share some photos from Heather and George’s engagement session, which, was pretty comical considering all of the things that went wrong.  We met at a place where permits happened to be strictly enforced, but I already had a plan B in mind, which was up the street.  But, when we went up the street to go to our plan B location, the road was blocked off.  Luckily Heather and George bared with me and we had a super fun session in a random neighborhood in beverly hills.  People would drive by and congratulate them, it was so fun, even though it was all very unexpected.

Amanda + Alex - Love is in the Air

I had the best day hanging out with Amanda and Alex. They had a VIP pass to the Arboretum because Alex’s sister works there, so we rode around on a golf cart to all of the beautiful locations in the park.  At the time, there was an art installation that was so surreal, colorful and awesome.  We were only there in the daytime, but the art pieces light up at night, I would love to go back and experience that!  We also went to Pasadena City Hall and I got to meet their adorable dog. I was shocked to learn that he was a full grown adult pup, I think they said 13 years old?  He looked like a lil puppy!

Congrats on your engagement Amanda and Alex, you’re so fun!  I can’t wait for the wedding.

Washington wedding by the Sea

Tonya and Ian wanted to get married in a location as beautiful and eclectic as
they were.  Ian, the groom, has traveled all over the world, but ended up finding the love of his life in his home town in Washington. Tonya is possibly the most gorgeous soul you’ll ever meet inside and out. She has the cutest red headed daughter as well who was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding! The venue, Fort Worden State park,  was the perfect location to express their deep love for
each other while overlooking the ocean on a most beautiful sunny day. Tonya was a beautiful carefree
boho bride in Lillian West, with a stunning bouquet, and Ian exuded major studliness in his throwback garb.
The couple frolicked around the park by the sea and found an abandoned boat, abandoned lighthouse, and an abandoned bunker.