Coffee + Pie - A Twin Peaks Styled Shoot

We came to a cabin surrounded by pines, with a dozen donuts and a vision inspired by the films and shows of David Lynch. In his stories, you begin to realize that the woods are deep with secrets.  We wanted to evoke the sophistication, darkness, mystery, and a hint of silliness that  David Lynch does in his work.  When I look at this gallery I see secret messages being told through dark brown eyes and kept by the trees.  We left feeling like we woke into a dream.

My log has something to tell you…

Abby & Jeff - A Seriously Classy Wedding

Abby and Jeff got married in beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego.  Before the ceremony, while Jeff was getting ready at a hotel downtown, Abby got ready at an Air Bnb not too far away.  When I got there, Abby greeted me with a huge smile, and all of her loved ones were around her.  I just knew it was going to be a magical day after that.  Once hair and makeup was done, we went to Balboa Park and Abby put on her dress.  I was just stunned, she was the classiest bride I had ever seen.  She looked just gorgeous.  Here are some photos of the gorgeous couple.  Congrats to them!