Priscilla + Stephen - A Green Lawn Wedding

Priscilla contacted me in December of last year about doing her wedding. I was super excited about it not only because she’s absolutely stunning, but because she’s actually my boyfriend’s parent’s neighbor!  

The funniest thing to both of us about the connection was that at the time of agreeing to shoot the wedding, we both had no idea how close our degrees of separation were.  I think Priscilla found out a few months later that her neighbors were my boyfriend’s parents!

Priscilla and Stephen got married on a sunny day in July at a lovely venue called the Bridges Auditorium.  I had fun hanging out with them all day and capturing their love.

Unger Farms Styled Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors in a small town about 40 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon called Cornelius.  We shot at a berry farm and wedding venue called Unger Farms.  The photos have kind of a country, airy feel to them.  I really enjoyed my time in Oregon.  I got to see a lot more of the state since my first trip there 4 years ago!  It’s such a beautiful place and I’m super excited to go back in September!

Minnewa and James - A Rainbow Wedding

Have you ever been to a rainbow sparkle superhero karaoke wedding? 

Neither had I, until fate would have it that Minnewa would ask me to be her wedding photographer.

I met Minnewa many years ago while working at the same coffee shop through college.  One of my favorite memories of that time was when her and I and another girl were closing up shop and Aretha comes on the store speakers. We all grab sandwiches and pretend they’re microphones and start lip synching to Do Right Woman on the spot.

So years later Minnie messages me out of the blue and tells me that she is getting married and would love if I photographed the wedding!  I jumped at the opportunity to find a way to be there for a friend on her wedding day.  I couldn’t have been more happy for her and James.  

Their wedding style was very creative true to self.  James aka “Spidey” had his groomsmen wear boutonnieres with superhero figurines on them, and Minnie’s girls were all dolled up in 50s style and had bright dresses in different colors.  I could go on and on about how cool it all was but I think I’ll just show you :)