Molly + Brandon - A Bright Fun Spring Wedding!

Molly and Brandon had me at “we’re having our wedding in Los Alamos”.  The city’s combo of having one of the best pizza restaurants in the universe, a cute wild west feel, and lack of good wifi makes for a magical weekend getaway.  Molly and Brandon got married at The Alamo Hotel which has changed a lot since I’ve stayed there in the early 2000s, its now super hip and has bohemian desert vibes.  Hanging out with Molly, Brandon and their bridal party on their wedding day was nothing short of super awesome fun times.  I would have to say, their wedding got a 10 in my book, it was well thought out with the little details and was full of fun surprises!

Shiree + Ricky - A fun Baseball wedding!

Shiree and I went to high school together, but since I was one grade ahead of her, it prevented us from ever meeting then.  I was introduced to her last year through my good friend who also went to high school with us, but was in Shiree’s grade.  I met Shiree and Ricky at a coffee shop in Los Feliz, and my impression after meeting them was “these guys are cool”.  Like, I kind of low key want to hang out with them.  

Ricky’s pretty much a professional baseball player, and a huge Astros fan, so there were fun baseball elements throughout the wedding.  Shiree shall be here on out known as “the bling queen”, and you’ll see plenty of awesome bling in her details.  Hope you enjoy the gallery!

Sizzle! Roxann and Fredde’s Union Station Session

Roxann contacted me a short while ago and was interested in getting an engagement session with her Fiancé Fredde.  I was super stoked to be of service! We set up a time to shoot at Downtown Los Angeles’ Union Station.  There were only a few challenges to shooting there, but mostly it was quite lovely!  There is a lot of old architecture and large windows.  It didn’t hurt that Roxann was absolutely STUNNING.  Aside from being a beautiful human inside and out, Roxann is an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, and Fredde is a poker champion and huge fan of the Marvel Universe and super heroes in general.  It was fun to see how they worked together to let their hobbies and passions shine through in the photos.  Hope you enjoy!