Rosie and Elio - A Lovely Traditional Wedding

At Elio and Rosie’s wedding reception, Elio told the story of how he charmed his way not only into Rosie’s heart, but into her job as well!
It all began a few years ago, when he spoke to a woman with a beautiful voice over the phone regarding an open position at her company.  The next week he went in for an interview and immediately fell for the girl whose beauty matched the voice he couldn’t stop thinking about.  He soon learned Rosie would be the one he would be replacing, but knew he had to find a way to keep her in his life.  As Elio put it he was “friend zoned” by Rosie for many months.  But Elio knew deep in his heart Rosie was the only girl for him.  After countless valiant efforts to win Rosie’s affection, she finally accepted his offer to take her out.
A few years later, on a sunny spring day, they began their journey together through life as husband and wife.  Looking back on it now, they both laugh at how when Elio applied for the job, he never expected to not only end up with a job, but a wife!  

They surely seemed like the happiest people in the world on their wedding day.  I wish them the best!