Megan and Dave - a Delightful Southern Wedding

As my plane landed in Charleston, South Carolina, I could tell that I had arrived at very special place. Rivers branched out like the veins of the earth, and a layer of verdant vegetation spread out as far as the eye could see.  

In the beginning I was taken aback by the stunning beauty of the southern landscape.  And, in the end, what really took my breath away was the close knit connections of friends and family that Megan and Dave had brought together to this unforgettable place and time in South Carolina.  

The Magnolia Plantation could not have been a more perfect location of Megan and Dave’s wedding.  I’m unsure if two people could fit into the relaxed charm and effortless beauty of the plantation any better than they.  

It was truly an honor to be invited to photograph them on their amazingly special day. Congrats Megan and Dave!  

Please enjoy the photos and don’t miss the photo booth video!